Don't get ripped off when exchanging cash!

You've just arrived in a foreign country and you need local currency cash? You are in the right place.

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Stop getting robbed
by exchange offices and ATMs!

Valut helps travelers avoid being ripped off by exchange offices and ATMs at "touristy" locations such as airports, train stations, bus terminals and similar.

We do this by making it possible to withdraw and exchange money at any retail location such as an airport coffee shop, fast food or a kiosk..

Thanks to our collaboration with a network of those locations we don't have any fixed costs. And we pass those savings to you by offering you the lowest conversion on the market.

Sign up to our waiting list and spend your money on vacation instead of losing it on bad conversion rates.

How Valut works?


Enter airport coffee shop


Order coffee and request 100€

Scan QR code

Scan QR code

Get your money and coffee

Cashier hands you your coffee and €100

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